A downloadable tool for Windows

The program generates custom hyperlapses by harnessing the database of Google Streetview. I'm not quite sure if I'll continue adding features to the program at this point in time (I'm very busy).

For questions feel free to hit me up on Twitter(@AntonioKowatsch) or send me an email: antonio.kowatsch@protomail.com

Sincerely yours


Install instructions

The program is self-contained ergo doesn't need to be installed. It runs out of the box. And instructions are included: just click the info button in the bottom left corner once the program starts (and click it again to make the window disappear once you've read the instructions.

p.s. don't click the controls while the program is calculating/generating the path/hyperlapse. If you click them while the program is still loading the necessary resources it might crash. Don't say I haven't warned you LOL.


Kowatsch Hyperlapse Creator.exe 6 MB